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    » 19 lots of 3.564m² to 8.065m² for construction of own projects on a plot with a spectacular view to the sea.

    » Access to services and facilities of the Fasano Trancoso Hotel, such as room service, concierge and laundry service.

    »  The following architectural offices / architects will be suggested for the development of the residential projects of the Estancias Fasano: Marcio Kogan, David Bastos, Bernardes Arquitectura, Triptyque, Beatriz Regis Bittencourt, Arthur Casas, Gálvez & Márton and Eduardo Leite Ribeiro.

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    Aerial View

    of Estâncias Fasano


    of Estâncias Fasano

    Tennis Court

    with sea view

    string(14) "Fitness Center"

    Fitness Center

    string(37) "Fasano Bar, Restaurant and Beach Club"

    Fasano Bar, Restaurant and Beach Club

    string(17) "Fasano Restaurant"

    Fasano Restaurant

    Integrated with the deck, the swimming pool and the Beach Club

    string(3) "SPA"


    With sauna, swimming pool and 4 treatment rooms.

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