Fasano Trancoso
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    Natural beauties, rustic architecture and intimate atmosphere

    Trancoso is a charming village in the municipality of Porto Seguro, on the south coast of Bahia. It joins a lovely beach scene, to the best gastronomy and excellence in lodging.

    The history of this paradisiac place began at the time of colonization, with the arrival of the Portuguese expeditions at the time of Brazil’s discovery. The main landmark of that period was the construction of the emblematic Church of St. John the Baptist, erected in 1656 and which until today is the landmark of Trancoso and stage of sophisticated marriages.

    In the early 70’s, the village was rediscovered by young travelers and hippies, but over time, it ceased to be an isolated and unstructured place to become one of the most special, respected and popular tourist destinations in northeastern Brazil.

    The historic colorful houses of the famous Quadrado, located in the heart of Trancoso, are no longer exclusively a dwelling place of the local community to become the main attraction of the region with the best options of restaurants, bars and shops.

    A look that reflects the essence of the region
    By BOB Wolfenson

    Reserva Trancoso invited Bob Wolfenson, one of the country’s leading photographers, to bring his contribution to this project: to translate into beautiful photographs his passion for Trancoso, a place that has always been part of his days.

    How to get there



    SALVADOR -> Porto Seguro1H

    SÃO PAULO -> Porto Seguro1.40H

    MIAMI (EUA) -> Porto Seguro11H

    NOVA iorque (EUA) -> Porto Seguro13.50H

    MADRI (ESP) -> Porto Seguro16H

    LONDRES (UK) -> Porto Seguro17.30H

    BERLIM (ALE) -> Porto Seguro19H

    SIDNEY (AUS) -> Porto Seguro26H


    Porto Seguro -> Trancoso30 kM

    SALVADOR -> Trancoso 615 KM