Fasano Trancoso

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    A real state development as exclusive as the place where it was brought to life

    Sun, sea, friends unforgettable events, special moments, Fasano Trancoso | Villas, Estâncias & Hotel is a place to experience everything that inspires you and makes you happy. A paradise that will change your view and your days.


    Trancoso, the perfect scenery

    Trancoso came into life as a dream – this is where our our country started. One of the most popular tourist destinations in Brazil, this beach in southern Bahia appeals to people with its irresistible charm and beauty. Everything here says: this is the place. The breathtaking beaches, the transparent sea, the natural reserves, the native forests, the Vila do Quadrado, and its colourful houses… It’s impossible to visit and not wish to stay longer.



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