Desired by the world, reserved for you.

Reserva Trancoso is an exclusive residential complex, home to the renowned Fasano Hotel, connecting nature with a sophisticated structure of leisure, sports, and services.

It’s more than a destination; it’s a project conceived for those seeking quality of life, exclusivity, and respect for nature.

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200 hectares
of Atlantic Forest.

  1. Main Gate
  2. Helipad
  3. Environmental Reserve
  4. Ecological Trails
  5. Private Road
  6. Future Health Club¹
  7. Fasano Villas | Bernardes Architecture
  8. Fasano Hotel
  9. Fasano Villas | Isay Weinfeld
  10. Future Reserva Trancoso Beach Club¹
  11. Fasano Estates
  12. Gálvez & Márton Villas
  13. Resorts Reserva Trancoso Resorts
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¹ The perspectives are merely illustrative.
As it concerns a property to be built, they have not been set in their actual location and, therefore, may not faithfully correspond to the conditions.


Space to build,
freedom to live.


and exclusivity.

Fasano Hotel

in hospitality.

Environmental reserve

Nursery for
local species.

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