Live the Reserva Trancoso Experience

Reserva Trancoso is a paradise of experiences that harmonize luxury and nature. Enjoy the future Reserva Trancoso Beach Club, where the sun meets the sea in a breathtaking setting. Explore ecological trails in the environmental reserve, perfect for invigorating walks and exciting mountain bike rides. The complex is designed for connecting with nature and relaxation, facilitating outdoor runs, high-standard seaside gastronomy, as well as other amenities like the helipad and 24-hour security.

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Discover Trancoso
in Unique Ways

Experiencing Reserva Trancoso also means embracing the adventures that Trancoso has to offer. Explore the Itaquena sands on thrilling quad bike tours that end at the stunning Ipatimirim beach. Feel the ocean breeze during horseback rides along the beach or through the lush Atlantic Forest. For bicycle enthusiasts, fat bikes provide a unique experience to traverse the Trancoso beaches easily and enjoyably. For the more daring yet always safely, enjoy a paragliding flight, contemplating the magnificent views from the cliffs, spotting the beautiful coral reef and the blue sea of southern Bahia.

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in the Waters of Bahia

The waters of Trancoso unveil a unique universe of experiences! Explore by boat the paradisiacal beaches of southern Bahia. Practice surfing or stand-up paddleboarding, and also discover the serenity of Hawaiian canoeing, which offers a unique connection with the crystal-clear waters and the local community that engages in it.

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Oasis of Tranquility:
Fasano Spa and Gastronomy

At Reserva Trancoso, relaxation reaches a new level with the presence of the Fasano Hotel. Excellence extends to the residents of the Villas and Estâncias, who can enjoy the Fasano SPA and restaurants – subject to reservation –, offering both rest and sophistication.

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Cultural Experiences:
Faith, Art, and Flavor

Trancoso is a cultural treasure that enchants visitors. Admire the historic Church of São João Batista, a symbol of the region, along with the charming restaurants and shops in the square. Feel the vibrant energy of capoeira circles, a unique cultural expression, and immerse yourself in festivals and music shows at the L’Occitane Theater.

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Space to build,
freedom to live.


and exclusivity.

Fasano Hotel

in hospitality.

Environmental reserve

Nursery for
local species.

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