Fasano Villas
por Bernardes Architecture

The 12 Villas, ranging from 5 to 6 suites, designed by Bernardes Architecture, preserve privacy and prioritize welcoming social spaces. The high-quality woodwork and the cumaru wood upper deck enrich the environment and are one of the features that define the project’s exclusivity, in addition to full access to the facilities and services of the Hotel Fasano Trancoso, upon joining the Fasano Trancoso Club.

Each residence is 792 m2 and has two pools, a gourmet area with barbecue and garden, spacious living and dining rooms, an equipped kitchen, a complete service area, and an additional service room.

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Reserva Trancoso Villas
by Gálvez & Márton

With a spacious 493 m2 and equipped with 4 luxury suites, the 6 Villas located in Estâncias Fasano not only benefit from the sophisticated structure of the condominium’s tennis court but also enjoy the exclusive services and infrastructure of Hotel Fasano Trancoso, upon joining the Fasano Trancoso Club.

The Villas, designed by Gálvez & Márton, also offer a pool with a semi-covered area, a communal space that includes a gourmet area, barbecue, garden with a fireplace, integrated living and dining room, kitchen, complete service area, and a service room.

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Fasano Villas
by Isay Weinfeld

Adjacent to the Fasano Hotel and surrounded by nature, these 23 Villas offer an incomparable quality of life experience. With residences ranging from 262 m2 to 408 m2 and less than 50 meters from the beach, the Villas have access to all the infrastructure and services of the hotel, upon joining the Fasano Trancoso Club.

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Fasano Hotel

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